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After a long silence,now butterfingers are back with their 6th studio album entitled 'Kembali' .It was released today 06/07/08.Sebelum ni deorang ade gak edarkan single deorang '1000tahun'.Kalaw korang perasan kt radio ade play lagu deorang sejak sebulan due ni.Album terbaru ni akan dijual di kedai2 musik terpilih yang akan diberitahu nanti. Kepade yang keciwa x dpt nengok butterfingers kt indiefest & laundry bar,xpe..the best is yet to come! doakan EMMET selamat dan berada dalam keadaan sehat hendaknye! (gwa dnga emmet da keluar dari hospital,keep rocking man!)

If u all forgot about this legendary indie rockband..gwa quote sket sebanyak sejarah band feveret gwa ni.;-

In 1991, Loque (Khairil Ridzwan Bin Anuar), and his MCKK schoolmate, Kadak (Mohd Fakharudin Bin Mohd Bahar), discovered they had a passion for music that went beyond the usual rounds of gigging and jamming sessions. Forming what was then known as Loque's Tail , Loque and Kadak, together with a few MCKK friends, started producing their own material, with the hopes of making a name for themselves in the Malaysian music scene. It was while jamming in K.L during 1993 at Black Widow Studios that they bumped into Emmett, who was there jamming (as guitarist) with his band at that time, Grunge Dayz . Impressed with what he saw, Loque challenged Emmett to a ‘jamming showdown', after which they mutually decided to join forces, skills and creativity, to form their own band, and brand of music. After meeting up with drummer Kalai later that year, Butterfingers was officially born by the end of 1993, ready to take Malaysia by storm. And with the final line up of Loque (songwriter, guitarist), Emmett (vocals, guitar, strings and lyricist), Kadak (bass) and Kalai (drums), Butterfingers hit the underground gig scene with such vengeance that had most of their shows sold out and described today as ‘the stuff of underground legends'. With four demos to their name, 1994's two tracked Girl Friday and Nic O' Tynne (which remain among their most requested hits today) 1995's 7 tracks on 12 goats, 6 oranges and 2 angels the 8 tracked Butter Couldn't Melt , and Dragon later that year, Butterfingers had reached out as far as they could to the underground scene, and it was time for the boys to take their music up and beyond. With Loque writing all songs, Emmett on lyrics and deciding that co-production rights should be completely Butterfingers , they set about taking on the rest of the Malaysian music scene. Heavy on drums, ripping riffs on guitars, deep bass and with angst ridden screeching vocals, they took on the Seattle Grunge scene and added their own local Malaysian flavor, introducing the Malaysian rock fans to what they now call, Butter Music. Signing with EMI Malaysia in 1996, Butterfingers released their hugely successful debut album, 1.2 Milligrams , which eared them their first Gold Award for sales of over 15,000 units. Their second album, Butter Worth Pushful released in 1997 soon made Butterfingers a household name. Earning them their second consecutive Gold Award for sales of over 15,000 units, Butter Worth Pushful also gave them their first AIM (Anugerah Industri Muzik) nominations for Best Engineered Album and Best English Album. Butter Worth Pushful also debuted at the No 6 spot on the Malaysian International RIM Charts, a first ever for a local band. Transcendence was next, released in 1999, and earned Butterfingers their first Double Platinum Award for sales of over 50,000 units, with two more AIM nominations for Best Engineered Album and Best English Album. With a little touch from their new sessionists, Loco (drums) and Numlock (programmer) Transcendence also debuted at the No 3 spot on the RIM International Charts, another first, and earned them their first No 1 song with their hit, The Chemistry (Between Us) . A collection of live and remastered Butterfingers classics were up next on their fourth album, Butter Late Than Never , which sold in excess of 14,000 copies. And herald the new Malayneum . Their fifth album, released mid 2001, has been described by most critics as the ‘cornerstone of the Malaysian Rock scene', and ‘the best album by Malaysia's best band'. Earning them two more nominations in AIM 2002, for Best Engineered Album and Best English Album, Malayneum s' title track gave them their second No 1 hit, and the album made all ‘Best Albums of 2001' local year end charts. Recently voted by ROTTW Magazine as the Best Local Band for the year 2001, with Kadak voted Best Bassist for 2001, Butterfingers are currently busy preparing for their first ever performance at AIM 2002, to be held in at PWTC in Kuala Lumpur, on April 20th this year. Butterfingers managed to chronicle their eight year musical journey when their recently released their latest, the long awaited ‘Greatest Hits' The Best Is Yet To Come , in early 2003, a collection of past favorites. And now, in August 2003, fans all over Malaysia are waiting patiently for the release of Butterfingers first ever full studio Malay album, yet to be titled, set to be released within the next few months. Sneak previews of the Malay album have received nothing but rave reviews from fans and music critics alike. It's new, it's different, it's definitely a step in the right direction for Butterfingers and the Malaysian music industry. With five albums to their name, over 120,000 albums sold to date, offers to play all around the world, and hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the globe, Butterfingers have become a landmark on the Malaysian rock scene, and their reputation for keeping on the cutting edge of creativity and originality have placed them in the Malaysian music history books – and their tale is only just beginning. Selamat Tinggal Dunia proved to be surprisingly original and any concerns of B u t t e r f i n g e r s 'selling out' were put to rest with its release. The album brought a new dimension to Malay rock with a mixture of controlled raw-ness and mature musical arrangements which was never meant to sell as well as the Malay or Indonesian bands that sang easy listening ballads which some critics have claimed to be lacking in depth. Even the words Emmett used on the album were 'alien', borrowing many terms associated with the Malaysian royalty. In interviews the band have said that this was a conscious move on their part to explore new grounds within Malay language music which they felt was becoming all too predictable. Emmett left for Canada to further his education before the release of Selamat Tinggal Dunia and there were rumours of B u t t e r f i n g e r s breaking up or melting away (helped by the title of the record itself which can be directly translated as Goodbye World) but the band themselves have maintained that there is no real cause for such fears as they plan to continue working together as often and as best as they can. No matter the future outcome for B u t t e r f i n g e r s, they have ridden the unique challenges as artists in Malaysia and most definitely stamped their mark as Malaysian music legends. Loque is now in Berklee College of Music pursuing his double degrees in Music Synthesis and Composition but he is very much an active member of B u t t e r f i n g e r s . The band now is tighter than ever and they are ready to rock the music scene again.

A brief discography:


+ 1. 2 Miligrams, 1996, butterworld

+ Butter Worth Pushful, 1997, butterworld/EMI

+ Transcendence, 1999, butterworld/EMI

+ Malayneum, 2001, butterworld/EMI

+ Selamat Tinggal Dunia, 2005, butterworld /EMI

Compilation albums*

+ Butter Late Than Never, 2000, butterworld/EMI

+ The Best Is Yet To Come, 2003, butterworld/ EMI

+ The Butterfingers, made for JAPAN release 2004 butterworld/EMI

+ Peristiwa Batu Keras, live CD/VCD 2006 butterworld/EMI

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Inside United looks back on the life and times of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, in appreciation of his glittering 11-year, 126-goal Reds' career…

It was the phone call Age Hareide had been dreading. The Molde boss knew how good Ole Solskjaer was, the question was when – not if – the big clubs would come calling. "Sir Alex phoned me up a lot to get my opinion on players in Norway," Hareide said. "He knew I knew the English scene and wanted my views on certain players and how they might do in England. Then, finally [July 1996] came the day when the call was about one of my players. Sir Alex asked about Ole Gunnar. I knew we’d miss him badly, but you can't stand in a player's way when Manchester United come along. "I told him: `You've got to sign him.' And he did. United got him for £1.5 million! I think they owe me some money considering what they got!”

NOU ORDER While the rest of us panicked, crossing what remained of our gnawed fingers, Ole was the calm at the eye of the Nou Camp storm. He was in the know, y’see. “It’s hard to explain, it was just a feeling,” he said of that staggering Treble-clinching climax. “It’s about positive thinking, maybe; you always visualise yourself scoring, so perhaps that’s all it was. But it was a little bit of a stronger feeling. I don’t know why. The goal? It’s one of those that you score one time out of five if you’re lucky, because you haven’t practised that finish. You just do it, you guide the ball on. More often that not it goes over the bar or it's cleared by the man on the far post. There were so many things that could have gone wrong with that finish… it was just instinct.” Killer instinct.

THE COMEBACK KID An emotionally charged scene on a rainswept, south London night in August 2006: the game against Charlton was already in the bag, but United’s travelling fans celebrated the third and final goal like it was 1999. Their hero was back. Ole had scored for the first time since April 2003 (against Panathinaikos) and shared the love-in with United’s fans in Charlton’s Jimmy Seed Stand. “After three years out it was great for the fans, for the players and the supporters,” Sir Alex Ferguson said in the post-match after-glow. “Ole is a player who has persevered in trying times and he has never lost faith that he would get his repayment one day.

“When my knee flared up in training it made the decision for me, because it means that I wouldn’t be able to play at the level I want to for this club,” Ole admits. “I also have to think about my long-term health as well. When I was out for so long before, it was always my ambition not only to play again and pull on the United shirt, but I also wanted to lift the Premier League trophy. That was my big dream. So, in that sense, last season was a fantastic experience for me and I’m glad I was able to enjoy that.”

So many highs, but the Nou Camp aside, which was the peak? Talking to this magazine in 2003, Ole revealed putting one over against the old enemy is always special. “My debut was a big moment, as was the first time we won the league after I arrived. The FA Cup final [in 1999] is a sp
ecial game. The FA Cup match against Liverpool in the Treble season was a good one, too. The 3-0 away win in Juventus

captured from Solskjaer Story)

My First Blog Post

This is my 1st blog post.Aku pn tataw nak tulis ape kt cni.Register blog da lame,tp x pna2 wat posting even untuk starter.Xpe let get it started..Aku pn tataw nak tulis ape sebnanye.Tapi layankan je la ape yang terpk di benak otak ni.HuHU~ neway,ni la last idea yang aku terpk nak buat bile da tataw nak watpe dikale busan cuti summer break ni.Sebenarnya banyak je planning dalam kepale otak ni,tp kekadang bende yang terpk tu smpai bukan pade waktunye.Mane x busan namenye.*pahamkah kamu?,xphm..phmkan-hahaha* Kejap je july..aku rase mcm baru smalam je rase nak masuk tahun 2008.. pejam celik,da juLy. Belaja pn da nak masuk final year.Adoi~ btol ke ni da 2008? ahaks.Orait,NOW THINKING OF BLOGGING.let me see either its fun or another boring stuff.