Friday, October 31, 2008

Big Bucks Without Big Debt

Earn $100K Salaries, No Advance Degree Required

by Grace Chen,

Don't be afraid to fantasize about earning six figures. Doctors and lawyers aren't the only professionals in the $100K club. In fact, there are quite a few well-compensated professions that are open to bachelor's degree holders. Even if you don't quite reach those elusive six-digits, the following careers can offer a hefty paycheck without the decades of student loan payback that can come with a master's or doctoral program. Best of all, if you're open to relocating, each of the five professions below holds the possibility of hitting that magic number--if you're willing to choose your zip code with care.

Police Supervisor

The Job: As a supervising police officer you'd be in charge of overseeing subordinate officers, keeping records of your force's activities, and assigning duties to station personnel. The ability to exercise good judgment in intense and high-pressure situations is crucial for this job. You'll also have to be willing to work overtime as well as weekends and holidays to ensure the round-the-clock police coverage your community needs.
The Debt: The minimum requirement for police supervisors in many states is simply a high school diploma. Since you're new to the field, get a jump on competition by earning an associate's or bachelor's degree in criminal justice or law enforcement.
The Zip Code: Check out 12123, Nassau, New York, where first-line supervisors of police officers made an average salary of $113, 810 in 2007, close to $40,000 more than the national average.

Registered Nurse (RN)

The Job: All RNs, regardless of their focus, are responsible for providing medical care and education to patients and their families. If you're an adrenaline junkie, you could thrive as an emergency room nurse. Can't get enough of newborns? Consider a career in neonatology nursing.
The Debt: Take your pick from an associate's degree in nursing (ADN), a bachelor's of science degree in nursing (BSN), or a diploma program in nursing.
The Zip Code: While median earnings of RNs nationwide are nothing to sneeze at (close to $60,000 in 2007), nurses in San Jose, California (95101), banked an average of $95,580.

Computer Software Engineer

The Job: Software engineers focus on designing and developing computer software to meet the needs of the rapidly growing population of computer users worldwide. In addition to being one of the fastest-growing careers in the nation, this profession lends itself to telecommuting, an added perk if you don't want to leave home to find a higher-paying position.
The Debt: In 2006, eighty percent of all software engineers had at least a bachelor's degree. If you're an aspiring computer software engineer, check out degree programs in computer science or software engineering.
The Zip Code: Average wages for professionals in this field in Haverhill, Massachusetts (01830), were $106,270 in 2007, while nationally the average was $85,660.

Dental Hygienist

The Job: It may not seem glamorous, but keeping people's mouths clean is a practical career choice offering job security, high wages, and even some flexibility in scheduling. Strong interpersonal skills are a must for these professionals, who spend their days up close with their patients.
The Debt: At the bare minimum you'll need an associate's degree or certificate in dental hygiene to practice in a private dental office or clinic. Earning a bachelor's degree could help you compete for higher-paying jobs.
The Zip Code: Most hygienists earn a comfortable living regardless of their location -- the national average was just over $64,000 in 2007. Zip code 98221 (Anacortes, Washington) tops the list of high-paying cities, however, where hygienist salaries average $97,600.

Interior Designer

The Job: Although reality TV shows have created a generation of amateur in-home designers, professionals in this field work in spaces ranging from airports to schools. In addition to combining paint colors, fabrics, window treatments and light fixtures, interior designers must also be able to read blueprints, understand fire codes, and collaborate with architects and contractors.
The Debt: You'll need at least an associate's degree to land an entry-level position as an interior designer. In 23 states designers must be licensed.
The Zip Code: Average earnings for interior designers were just over $50,000 in 2007. Head for Grand Rapids, Michigan (49501), however, and you could make double that.

You don't have to spend the next 10 years in school to make a comfortable salary. Choose your field of study and your future home with care and you could soon find yourself working your way to a six-figure paycheck

The most successfull job not in the list is businessman.Everyone know it.Be Yourself! Think Beyond! Dont be afraid to aim ;)


Suddenly I found this creative website that can do super impose our pic into their pictures.Lets try,its fun! ;) — effect is using face detection technology.

glamer x glamer la nengok gamba² ni kan.hehe

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Chelsea 0-1 Liverpool: Alonso goal ends record.Bridge finally cracked!

"After 86 league games without tasting defeat at Stamford Bridge, something finally gave as Xabi's deflected effort silenced the home crowd.After that early goal the Reds went on to remain the better side for the most part, and Pepe Reina was given relatively little to do between the posts.
That was largely down to a spirited defensive showing from the Scousers that endured in the face of sustained possession from the hosts."
dat day i watched chelsea vs liverpool game..nengok kt rumah je-JB..mmg dari awal ag aku harap chelsea kalah.kerek sgt konon susa nk kalah kt home.hahaha.tu la..belagak lagi.konon xbley kalah kt HOME!~ x keysah la sape kalahkan chelsea,janji chelsea kalah kt home on EPL games.4taon lebih aku tnggu mane2 team kalah kan chelsea kt home nie.yeah..aku mmg sokong liverpool mlm tu.kenape aku sokong liverpool malam tu?its better than support f*ckin chelshyte.haha.
Liverpool - passing game/rembat makin mantap,teruja aku nengok dak² gerrard maen skg.and sejak akhir² ni deorang slalu menang last minute.high team spirit.i can say they are come back king for now!~ (xkeysa la,kasi chance kt liverpool bangge kejap,kejap jer power tu-bro,another reds waiting to be awake,u know who is it aite;LOL)
Chelsea-team da mantap rasenye.cme aku ra
se deorang ni kureng kt finisher.anelka x bape sesuai kot utk chelsea.aku rase deorang kene ade arshavin/benzema ke..baru bley pegi.walaupun malouda/kalou power,tp deorang xley makan big team cm liverpool aritu.ade ke dea g masukkan Di Santo awal gile?ntah sape² la-konon nk jadi mcm Pato la.haha

Friday, October 24, 2008

Some Shyte In The Morning - 5:31am

Refer to the above topic,yeah..this is some shyte in the morning just for nuthin

Cant Sleep.Why? i slept @ 7pm yesterday and wake up around 12am today.not sleepy yet for problem with my sleep timing lately.
Bored.Why? ntahla.carik source FYP xde.Group Design plak kene wat calculation,bukan field aku.kenape bosan?its semenyih here.not bangsar or damansara.woOhOo~ wargHhhhH~ +
Hungry.Why? lapa la.sme org kene makan McFlurry Mudpie bes ni
Broke.Why? economy down.ape kan daye.sape baek hati hulurkanla bantuan ke *sile email utk request akaun number bank/paypal* .hehe
JB.Why? jmpe ibu tercinte.erks.ape kes usya pelik plak seyh?jeles? hahaha.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


It has been 4 long years since Slipknot’s last studio album. “All Hope is Gone” is rumored to be (say it isn’t so!) their last album. Slipknot’s fan base has swelled to massive proportions over the years, and judging from the live show that I saw by them recently, this is a band that needs to continue..New mask,new style but still the same Slipknot.Slipknot stops pummeling every now and then for a few lines of melodic chorus, a full-length dirge, even a power ballad that’s a sort of spurned love song.“All Hope is Gone” pushes Slipknot further away from the Nu metal genre, and more towards the heavy and thrash metal side. This album is extremely heavy. With that being said, most hard rock fans may dislike this, but metal heads will rejoice when they play this.

The Track Listing

1. .execute.-1:49
2. Gematria (The Killing Name)-6:02
3. Sulfur-4
4. Psychosocial-4:42

5. Dead Memories-4:29
7. Butcher’s Hook-4:15
8. Gehenna-6:53
9. This Col
d Black-4:40
10. Wher
ein Lies Continue-5:47
11. Snuff-4:36
12. All H
ope Is Gone-4:45

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Numerical simulation of underwater pipeline sleeve repair under multiaxial loading - Pening2 aku memikirkan final year project aku.Ape yg dlm aku pk skng,do or die.kalaw aku cemerlang,mmg cemerlang la aku nye future ngn petronas.Kalaw x,mmg petronas banned name aku kang.haha.Nk wt cne ag..terpaksela jadi rajen(*gile malas aku skng ni nk wat pape sebnanye*). Research pnye research kt google,skali aku terprint satu article yg tebal nye nak dekat 200muke surat kt tiscra(comp lab kt notts)..alamak.cne ni..abes aa duet printing aku.layan jela.da la printer tu slow nak mampos..risau jugak aku kalaw org ramai que nk print sbb tnggu aku nye stuff abes print.ade sorang budak UK tu bengang je tnggu aku nye article tu abes print.naseb ko la labu..aku pn bayar nk print ni.last2 dea tension tnggu aku nye article abes print,dea pn blah je sbb ade kelas.hahaha.da print2 ngn wat project planner sket(gantt chart),so ckupla preparation utk appointment aku ngn Dr Albert Tshai(supervisor project aku) ptg tu..pnye la semangat aku prepare mcm2 utk meeting appoinment tu..smpai2 depan bilik dea tampal notice 'Industrial Visit - 2-5pm'.aiseh..ape kes?! janji meeting petang ni,tp slumber dea g visit x notice pape kt kn ade.sms ke.adeh.ptg tu aku balek ngn agak keciwa sbb aritu da la aku bangun awal gile pegi cmpus.nantox gile weh.klw xde meeting ni mmg lepas kelas stgc management (9-10) aku da blah balek,tdo.huhu~
16Oct- ade meeting kt petronas research bangi.aku g ngn Dr Albert,Dr Cosmas & Syed Ngasri( dea pn kene callobration project notts+pets).kol 12 aku da gerak dari rumah ngn scoot aku ke cmpus.smpai2 ari cm nk ujan(aiseh.skng ni musim ujan) .da la pakai smart2..xkn tbe2 basah kuyup kene ujan lak kan.naseb baek aku smpai cmpus before ujan trun.Sampai2 aku lepak jap kt tiscra,print out sket general review project question yg aku dpt,online jap.Then da nak kol satu,Ngasri kol aku ckp da smpai,aku pn pegila kt bilik Dr Albert,lepas tu kitorang pn gerakla g bangi naek proton saga supervisor aku.Time dlm kete tu aku ckp sorang2 dlm ati- 'canggih gile Albert ni.bwk kete siap ade gps tu'.peh.xsangke dea bley gne gps kt semenyih yg hulu ni.aku ingt gps kt malaysia ni bangang lagi.LOL.xlame lepas tu smpai la kt bangi-Petronas Research.kejap je da smpai..xlame.15minit je kot.Meeting Time -cuak gak aku time memule nak start meeting.aku tataw nk explain ape panjang2 kt deorang.naseb la deorang x suh aku ckp bnyk.memule deorang discuss project UST si ngasri,aku iyekan aje-aku tataw pape pn sbb bukan project aku.then lepas tu baru project underwater pipeline aku.aku nengok model pipe tu x smpai setenga jam paler aku tbe2 pening.apekah menatang tu.cmne bende tu berfungsi? apesal bentuk scale dea cmtu? tu la yg terlintas kt pkran aku time tu.Kopi yg tertuang kt cawan aku time start meeting tu pn aku x sentuh pn sbb pkkan bende tu.aduhai.. yg aku tau deorang sebut psal bonding ngn solid mechanic stuff.. (ntah bape bnyk buku solid aku kene khatamkan ni.hadoi.*library!-warghh*).so far,ok la meeting ngn deorang.aku harap senior researcher due2 dpt la tlg aku sebnyk sedikit nk wat research ni.hope for Dr.Albert and Cosmas too.sbb project ni cm besar gak je tanggungjawab deorang nak make sure it is success sbb it is between petronas ngn nottingham.(aku la yg mati)
.wat mase ni keje x bnyk ag.just kene wat short review dlu psal bende ni 2 pages.(warghh..aku malas). haha.naseb baek aku lom dpt geometry specimen utk wat modelling ag.klw x msti la belambak keje aku weekend ni.hurm..seriousla confuse gak nk wat fyp ni.sbb xde source.senior researcher tu pn kate bende ni baru ag start kt mane2 petroleum company sbb system deorang da start 'berumur' dan datangla mcm2 masalah mcm corrosion etc. Bwat mase ni ade la sket2 imaginasi aku psal bende ni sbb aritu aku pegi petronas refinery kt melake,so nampak la sket ape yg aku buat ni.ingt nak gak cari experience nengok pipe ni dlm laut,tp aku berenang pn pakai life jacket ngn tapak kaki itik.lagi mau dive.haha.