Sunday, March 22, 2009


Last night KOЯN performance was really f*cking AWESOME! Ray Luzier is the GREAT drummer! who said nu-metal is death? Im really big fan of KOЯN since I form 2,still remember the first time i heard 'ARE YOU READY!-blind' on my MIRC script opener.Since that,KORN is one of the most influence band in my life.Some people just enjoying song when its popular, but not for me-im long live loyal fan,music lover. \/
Thanks god finally the perform live in Malaysia!

Speaking to Junk before hitting the stage for the first time in Malaysia and for the first time this year, singer Jonathan Davis promised a great show for long time Malaysian fans. "I don't know what to expect from Malaysia," Davis said. "I can't wait to play for a country that I've never been to or played for. We're going to go all out and do our best to perform, and give the best show to everyone out there. We haven't played in three months now so it's definitely going to be a special show for us."

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